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  • • CNC Milling
  • • CNC Turning
  • • Laser Cutting
  • • CNC Press Brake
  • • Waterjetting
  • • Wire EDM
  • • Small Hole EDM
  • • Surface Grinding
  • • Blanchard Grinding
  • • Inspections

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Serving All Industries
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Whether it is the world's largest rock crusher or the most advanced medical automation, EDM Express is your one-stop solution!


Innovation In Machining

Simply put...
We deliver precision parts
on time!

Joe Jackson, President
The Power of Positive Energy...
You need speed.  You need precision.  You need the best price possible.  You need EDM Express for Precision Parts…On Time!  We can make it happen, because we are all about operational excellence.  Our systems have been refined to maximize efficiency, reducing costs, improving accuracy and saving time.  Anyone can invest millions of dollars in state-of-the-art equipment like we have, it’s our people that make the difference.  At EDM Express, our people are all highly skilled and heavily trained.  Every person that you encounter is a thinker, a doer and a partner in your success.  It’s our personalized human element that makes us your secret weapon.
Thanks to our teams’ can-do thinking, we can deliver immediately, even when you are facing odds that seem impossible.  With our deep knowledge of the industry, we can concept peer-to-peer with engineers, generating ideas and turning them into reality with the level of precision that your company demands.
We are constantly upgrading and exploring new ideas.  We are thinking about tomorrow, so all of us are ready for it.

Question and Answers

Q. How much Wire EDM experience does EDM Express have?   Q. What are your largest CNC Mill travels?
A. We average 30,000 hours per year and have processed nearly 1,000,000 hours to date.   A. 84” x 144”
Q. How thick will your waterjet cut?   Q. How does EDM Express handle emergency jobs?
A. We routinely cut 3 & 4 inch thick wear plate for the mining industry.   A. Emergency jobs are our specialty.
Q. Does EDM Express specialize in any specific industries?   Q. What is the smallest hole you can EDM?
A. We specialize in all industries from Medical to Mining and everything in between.   A. We draw the line at 0.014”
Q. How big of parts can EDM Express handle?   Q. What geographic area does EDM Express serve?
A. We have overhead lifting capabilities throughout our operation...we routinely handle parts and materials in excess of 4,000 pounds.   A. We have two locations servicing customers all over the United States.
Q. Does EDM Express do both laser engraving and laser cutting?   Q. Does EDM Express have grinding capabilities?
A. Yes, we have laser cutting capabilities up ⅝” with our 4KW Fiber Laser.   A. Yes, we do both surface grinding and Blanchard grinding.
Q. Is EDM Express ISO 9001 certified?   Q. What are your inspection capabilities?
A. Yes, we are certified.   A. We have everything covered from CMM to Vision non-contact inspection.
Q. Do you stock any material?   Q. What types of material do you machine?
A. Yes, at any given time we have over 100,000 lbs of material ready to for the next job!   A. We have machined hundreds of different types of material, like advanced ceramics, exotic plastics, carbide and tool steels, just to name a few.

Word of Mouth

  • "EDM Express routinely works around the clock to ensure that we have the die components needed to keep our presses on schedule. They are an invaluable part of our success and continued growth"
    Chris Walley, Manufacturing Engineer, Otscon, Inc.
  • "When we outsource medical parts, we demand perfection. EDM Express consistently meets or exceeds our expectations."
    Brian Emerick, President, Micropulse, Inc.
  • "As one of our tooling vendors, EDM Express has done an excellent job on quality and delivery. I can always count on them to get the job done right and on time."
    Bob L. Otto, Tool Room Supervisor, Square D Company
  • "EDM Express is one of the first shops I look to for high-quality and efficient machining services. I have complete confidence in the craftsmanship and efficient delivery and I have personally experienced with several fabrication jobs which they have completed for 3M Company. From start to finish, the services provided by EDM Express are nothing less than world-class."
    Kevin D. Gaines, Tool and Die Crewleader, 3M Company
  • "EDM Express is very conscientious and goes that extra mile to make sure our orders are on time and the quality of work is excellent."
    Dan Nickell, Team Leader, Gardner Denver
  • "We exclusively use EDM Express.com for our tooling requirements. They will do whatever it takes to exceed our expectations of quality and delivery."
    Chris Janotta, Tool Room Manager, Red Rock Stamping, Inc.

Connect with the crew...

Joe Jackson
- President
(480) 813-1400

Cindy Dalvano
- Office Manager
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Kristin Jackson
- Business Development
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